Location, Location, Location

For six years I was a stay-at-home-mom trying to write on the side, which required major flexibility, and I admit, it became commonplace for me to write in 15 minute blocks on my couch, bed, dining room table, and even on the go, using the voice memo function on my phone. However, this piece on the DGLM blog is making me rethink what the right location is and how it might improve my work.

BedroomWhere I’ve been:
Prior to two months ago, the weekends were my only quiet time. My husband would take the kids outside and I would work for a few hours. The picture on the left has been my preferred spot. There’s a view of nature mixed with a few pops of color.

If you look closely, you’ll see a multi-colored hanging hammock. This is my new reading chair. You’ll also see a bright blue table. Someday I plan to sit outside and have my morning coffee here, but for now, it’s my something blue.

Although this location is pretty, it’s not the best option for writing. The temperature in this room tends to be warmer than the rest of the house. It makes sense, it’s on the second floor, and has a lot of windows facing the southeast, but the nap enemy has been known to come around a time or two.

CouchDuring the week I’ve been writing from my couch, but the natural lighting isn’t as good in this spot, the view of nature limited, and my back hurts from slouching into the pillows.

Another issue is the neighbor children. They can see straight from our front door to the living room, and they think if they can see me, I’m available to play. And yes, they really do ask me to play.

chickensOur animals are also a reoccurring distraction. Besides our eight hens who befriended a rooster recently, we also have a 12-year-old Shitzu.

She’s blind, hard of hearing, and can’t go up the stairs anymore, so she lazes around on the softest carpet ever – the shag on her rug is two inches deep and swallows monopoly pieces whole. But Pooh (our dog) has to be forced outside for potty breaks, and when she comes in, if you don’t give her a treat, she barks, or should I say begs, until bone is in mouth.

So between the care and feeding of the animals, the wild rooster crowing, and the dirt in our house, it’s hard to keep butt in chair, and mind focused.

Where I’m going:
Which leads me to believe the two coffee shops opening up soon are meant for me. One will be within walking distance of our house, which is strange, cause I sort of live in the country. The other shop will be right down the street from the school where our children attend, has a cool name with a riddle, and is most likely serendipitous.

Toy_CollectionBut neither of these espresso stops are an option now, and for the love of words and my back, I’m moving into our office. Now you may be thinking why didn’t you start here, and I can answer this, but it would take a long time…without this picture.

See the first two shelves of our “Book” case? Yeah, the office was created for my husband. He technically works from home when he is home, so I haven’t claimed it, until now! T-O-W-A-N-D-A, anyone? (Fried Green Tomatoes)

Office(2)Holocaust_PaintingSo I’m committing. Before I try the “made for me coffee shop” where I’ll HAVE to purchase expensive lattes daily to earn my chair and table, I really should get to work on cleaning up this desk, fixing our printer, and removing the clutter.

Because this room does contain everything I love: pictures of my children, artwork from our visit to Israel, a Moulin Rouge painting from someone I love dearly, and a big ol’ computer screen, good for my failing eyes.


Rocky Balboa

And this awesome light to the left, I got it from a closeout sale in Highpoint, NC. I imagine if I stare at it long enough, the words will come, and if they don’t, there’s always Rocky Balboa to go to blows with – Ha!

What do you think, what’s the right location? Has your work improved in a specific spot? Are you a parent struggling with kids at home and pursuing your passion of writing? I would love to know your story!


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