Open Letter to Gov. Nikki Haley


Dear Gov. Haley,                                                                  November 17, 2015

According to the UN Refugee Agency there are now over four million displaced Syrians, and over half, more than two million of these humans, are women and children. These little ones need to know they are worth our time, so I petition your conservative values of limited government, to allow citizens to invite vetted families into our homes, our communities, and into the great state of South Carolina.

It is not without logic that I appeal to you. There is an argument to be made, that if we deny the very ones who are vulnerable a safe haven, we may be perpetuating anti-Americanism, thus producing more terrorist cells.

These men and women are parents and grandparents who want better for their children, so they flee violent and war torn areas, often leaving everything behind, with the hope of peace and stability in a new land. If no doors open, they could return to their country, but this time on the side of the terrorists.


(AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)Carolina.

So I appeal to your grace, your leadership, your influence, and your platform, and ask you to reconsider and open the doors for these families – for they could be us. We cannot deny the 99 percent of those in search of refuge because of the 1 percent who may wish us harm, but we can reduce the threat.

We can avert risk by forming a network of trained counselors and social workers to evaluate each family before admitting them into our state – lie detector tests may be used to determine if an individual has trained, or has had any connection with terrorist organizations.

There will always be threats, and fears, and worries, but Americans historically have risen above these anxieties for the greater good. Our government was not formed to tie our hands, bounding us to fear, but to provide support and protection. So I make this plea: Empower Palmetto State citizens. Allow individuals the freedom to choose whether or not Syrian Refugees are too great a risk. Some are willing and ready to open their doors and should not be denied this opportunity.

We can do this, we should do this, and with your help we will do this. Let history show us on the side of grace.

Thank you for your time in considering this petition.


Katie Newingham
Concerned Citizen, Berkeley County/City of Charleston



One thought on “Open Letter to Gov. Nikki Haley

  1. heartfelt and well-written. if goverents were empowering, imagine the things such a difference it would make. Too bad the list of things that we ask government to do for us keeps growing.
    By the way, some intriguing stories are floating around about who and how refugees were chosen to enter the cue for consideration to come stateside.


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